Federal & State Appeals

Once a person has been convicted of a federal crime, there may be an opportunity to appeal the guilty verdict or sentence. Samuel Ansell is an experienced appellate attorney who can guide his client through this process. It may be possible to argue that the jury was incorrect, the trial was unfair, or the judge made an error interpreting the law.

Attorney Samuel Ansell will first review the entire record, including transcripts of all relevant proceedings. It is important to note that new evidence cannot be introduced in an appeal. After he has reviewed the record, he will write a brief representing the issues that can be raised on appeal. The government will respond with its own brief, to which Samuel may need to respond.

Once all briefs have been filed, the Court of Appeals will set the case for oral argument. Oral argument takes place in the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago in front of three Judges. Samuel Ansell will argue the issues to the Appellate Judges. The United States Attorney will argue on the government’s behalf. The Defendant is not present at oral argument but all arguments are recorded and posted on the Court’s website.

Possible outcomes of the appeal include: the decision is affirmed, reversed, or remanded (sent back to the trial court to be re-tried or re-sentenced). If the decision is reversed, the court of appeals overturns the conviction and vacates the sentence. If the decision is remanded, Attorney Samuel Ansell can guide you through subsequent proceedings. If the trial court’s outcome is affirmed by the Court of Appeals, the Appellant may choose to file a Writ of Certiorari asking the United States Supreme Court to hear the case.

Indiana Court of Appeals/Indiana Supreme Court

A person’s conviction in state court is not the end of the fight. There may be appealable issues, whether convicted at trial or sentenced pursuant to a guilty plea. New evidence cannot be introduced to the Court of Appeals. Samuel Ansell will review the record to find out if you have appealable issues such as an unfair trial, judicial error or admission of prejudicial evidence.

Post-Conviction Relief (PCR)

Similar to an appeal, you may have an opportunity to have the courts review the outcome of your case. Post conviction relief may be an option in some cases and is typically explored after the appellate process has been exhausted.

Criminal Appeal Practice Areas

  • Federal Criminal Appeals
  • Indiana Court of Appeals
  • Indiana Supreme Court Appeals
  • Post Conviction Relief (PCR)

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