Federal Criminal Defense

Because criminal cases filed in federal court follow a more complicated process than those charged in state court, it is vital to have an attorney with extensive federal experience. Samuel Ansell has practiced in federal court for years, including multiple jury trials and appeals.

Federal prosecutors have tremendous power and resources to try to procure a conviction. Defense tactics in federal court differ from those in state court due to a distinct set of trial rules. An experienced attorney in federal proceedings will understand the complex case progression from mitigation strategies to sentencing.

Attorney Samuel Ansell will always be striving to win your case, however he is also aware of the importance of creating a record to preserve any potential issues on appeal

Federal sentencing guidelines include mandatory minimums; however, an experienced attorney can advocate on your behalf to avoid maximum penalties.

Samuel Ansell possesses the knowledge, skill and experience to navigate through the process with proven results for his clients.

Federal Criminal Defense Practice Areas

  • Federal Conspiracy
  • Federal Drug Crimes
  • Federal Immigration Crimes
  • Federal Fraud Crimes
  • Federal Firearms Crimes
  • Federal Bank Robbery
  • Federal White Collar Crimes
  • Aiding and abetting
  • RICO cases
  • Forfeiture

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