Preparing Each
Case Relentlessly

"He who has done the most research has the most leverage in trial, and I don't enter the courtroom until I'm confident that I have the upper hand."
Samuel Ansell

How My Approach Benefits You

I begin each case with a clear strategy: prepare as if I’m going to trial. Though many cases can be settled outside the courtroom, I never eliminate any available option until there is an objective reason to do so. My clients generally appreciate this approach as they see I’m working on their behalf and doing what’s best for them rather than what’s easiest for me. 

More often than not, this strategy benefits my client even if the case does end up settling. Preparation, after all, is one of the strongest negotiation tactics. When the opposing side sees they’re going to be in over their heads in trial, they’re more likely to be open to favorable negotiations. 

If the case proceeds to trial, then I start ahead of the game. No matter how cordial I may seem with other attorneys in the courtroom, I never forget my main objective. My loyalty is to my client. I’m there to secure a favorable outcome on their behalf, and I’m not afraid to adopt more aggressive tactics when necessary. After all, it’s more important for the prosecutor to respect me and fear for their ability to win than it is for them to like me on a personal level. And as someone who is competitive by nature, this comes rather naturally.

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Practice AreasEveryone is entitled to legal representation. I strive to ensure you receive the respect and advocacy you deserve.

Even seemingly minor state crimes can carry serious consequences. Discover how to have your charges lowered or dropped entirely.

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Federal crimes are tried in a class of their own. Examine how the Ansell Law Firm can be an asset in such serious criminal cases.

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Contrary to popular belief, an appeal is not simply a “redo.” Read more about the specific options available in your situation.

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If your resident status is being threatened due to criminal charges, or if you simply need assistance with immigration law, I can help you.

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Notable Cases & Matters

Bank Robbery
Client charged with robbery — a class C felony, punishable up to 8 years in prison.
2 Years Home Detention
Distribution of Cocaine
Client charged with knowingly conspiring to possess with the intent to distribute 500 grams or more of cocaine.
Indictment Dismissed
Harboring of Illegal Aliens

Client convicted of conspiracy to encourage aliens to reside in the U.S. and to shield them from detection.

Client Released from Prison

Here to Make a Difference, One Client at a Time

Growing up, I always said I wanted to improve the world. While my ability to fulfill this mission through criminal defense may come as a surprise, that’s precisely what I’m doing in my practice today. Here’s why:

  • Numerous everyday people are wrongfully accused. I defend their character and illuminate the truth.
  • Many good people make mistakes. I strive to see that one poor decision does not destroy their future. 
  • Even the worst criminals are entitled to basic human rights. I treat everyone with the respect they deserve. 
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Serving You in Uncommon Ways

In order to be the best attorney I can be, I make a point to diversify my skill set. Though my 18 years of legal practice have taught me quite a lot on their own, I have continually sought out additional ways to learn and grow. My mission, after all, is always to provide the most comprehensive service to my clients. 

Defending Crimes at a Variety of Levels 

I am proud to defend state and federal criminal offenses. It is also important to note that if you were charged for the same crime at both the state and federal level, I apply whatever you paid for the state case to the federal fee, as long as the state charges came first.

Helping with Crossover Cases

Additionally, I able to assist you with immigration matters should your criminal charge or conviction threaten your residency status here in the U.S. Rather than having to jump back and forth between two different attorneys, you can rely on me to assist you in resolving each side of your case smoothly and efficiently.

Representing You in English & in Spanish

Furthermore, I have been a fluent Spanish speaker for more than 25 years. This allows me to serve a greater population than I otherwise could in my legal practice.