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At Ansell Law Firm, our main focus is providing an aggressive criminal defense in federal and state court.

When you are charged with a crime, you need an attorney with experience and knowledge of all current case law.

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Federal Criminal Defense

Cases in federal court are complex and vary greatly from state cases. The US government spends a lot of money to ensure convictions and seize assets from the accused. When you hire Samuel Ansell to represent you in federal court, you have an advantage. He has spent years navigating the federal system and will work hard on your behalf.

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Criminal Defense

When you suspect you are being investigated or are accused of a crime, it is very important to make sure your rights are protected. Do NOT speak to law enforcement or prosecutors without the representation of an attorney. Samuel Ansell will protect your rights by investigating the charges against you and providing a powerful defense against the State.

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Federal & State Appeals

Federal and state appeals follow strict rules and are very time sensitive. If you want to appeal your conviction, you should contact Samuel Ansell immediately to avoid missing crucial deadlines. If an appeal has been unsuccessful for you, there may still be an option in the form of Post-Conviction Relief (PCR).

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Immigration Law

Samuel Ansell is a bilingual attorney that has advocated for many clients in their dealings with US immigration authorities. He has appeared countless times before the Chicago Immigration Court. He assists clients with their applications before USCIS, as well as representing their interests with ICE officials.

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Defense Attorney
Samuel Ansell

By fine-tuning his practice to focus on criminal defense, Attorney Samuel Ansell is a lawyer that is able to concentrate his efforts on the complex criminal justice system.

He is a bilingual, Spanish speaking, attorney located in Indianapolis, who serves Marion County, Hamilton County, Hendricks County, and other counties throughout Indiana.

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Why Choose Samuel Ansell?

The team at Ansell Law is highly competent and competitive. Attorney Samuel Ansell knows how to defend a criminal case. He employs two full-time investigative paralegals and a part-time research assistant to ensure that every case gets thorough preparation whether it goes to trial or not. Our philosophy at Ansell Law is to press every advantage in every case and prepare every case for trial. The reason is simple: negotiations are most successful when you present the most credible threat of winning at trial.

If your goals can’t be accomplished through pretrial mechanisms and negotiations we are ready to take your case to trial. Attorney Ansell goes to trial thoroughly prepared to battle every point of law and every question of fact. He knows what it takes to win over a jury.

Attorney Ansell knows how to fight questions of law at the trial level while preserving those issues for appellate review should the need arise. Judges often know whether an attorney presents a credible appellate threat. No judge wants to be reversed. The prospect of a well-executed appeal reminds them to rule carefully. Attorney Ansell has handled many criminal appeals over the years resulting in overturned convictions and major sentence reductions.

We understand that this is the fight of your life and we treat it as our own.